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Grow Our Own is a regional partnership

Local Industry within the Riverina shares the belief that education underpins regional growth and prosperity. Working together with the management of Regional Development Australia Riverina, a partnership with local leaders from industry, education, community and government, has come together to pilot an education and skills plan for the region.

This pilot plan aims to improve the level of education participation and skills retention in the Riverina.

New partner organisations are welcome. Please contact Marg Couch, Regional Development Australia.

Jobs Riverina works behind all four quadrants of our workforce development plan:

  1. Economic development and business growth, read more
  2. Country Change, read more
  3. Skilled migration, read more
  4. Grow Our Own

Steering committee

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Our vision

Grow Our Own by 2021

  • People from the Riverina will have access to a broad choice of tertiary education courses locally through several delivery models. More young people remain in the region after finishing school, complete higher education locally and gain sustainable local employment resulting from strong connections with local employers during their schooling and tertiary education.
  • Riverina’s employers are able to attract locally qualified workers into growth industries. Local employers have developed relationships with their future employees through coordinated and targeted local engagement.
  • Schools, parents and young people will have a strong understanding of the  Riverina labor market, and the local pathways to be able to access education and training leading to sustainable local jobs.
  • More young people from under-represented groups have been able to access tertiary education because of scholarship support provided by local partnerships.
  • The Riverina continues economic growth through benefitting from the increased human capital due to improved educational access.