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A range of subsidies, exemptions + incentives are available to employers

Employing an apprentice? Read more.

Jobs for NSW $190 million dedicated to this program to address barriers in the market that would not otherwise be addressed and which is hindering job creation.

Job Action Scheme is administered by the Office of State Revenue; programs on offer include:

The payroll tax rebate is for businesses who appoint new full-time jobs and attract payroll tax. If the new job and worker is maintained for 2 years each worker attracts $5,000 each (up until June 2019. with $2,000 on the first anniversary and $3,000 on the second anniversary).

Fresh start support is a one-off $1,000 payment on the first anniversary of a new employee start date.

For non-payroll businesses – the small business grant offers a $2,000 payment on the 12 month anniversary of a new full time worker being employed.

Smart and skilled. The NSW Government has subsidised training (VET- Vocational Education Training) in Cert III based courses (the course must be on the job list). There is also subsidised training in select priority areas for Cert IV and above (the course must be on the jobs list). Read more

General Wage Subsidies to employ new staff. Click Here

Need staff now?

Contact schools, vocation education providers and Universities for more information on how they can help you find the right employee.

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