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What is a traineeship?

Most traineeships range from a Certificate II level but can also be up to Diploma level in certain areas. They are available across a huge range of vocational areas. Search here to find out what courses are available.

All types of vocations can be covered in some way under a traineeship. Training delivery can range from face to face, on-line and on-the-job or a combination of two or more methods, depending on the Training Organisations arrangement. At the end of the Traineeship, all trainees that complete the term and the training are deemed competent, and they will receive a nationally accredited certificate. The advantage of a Traineeship is that you can learn on the job building your skills and experience you need for your career.

More information on traineeships can be found at

How do I get a traineeship?

  • Local company GetSet can match you with an employer. Visit GetSet here
  • Careers Advisers are a great resource and can provide more information
  • Contact employers directly. In the Western Riverina, local employers who offer traineeships include Solicitors and Accountants, local government and hospitals.
  • Casella Family Brands offers traineeships. For more information look at the website or contact the HR team

School-based apprenticeships + traineeships (SBAT).

You can start your traineeship (or apprenticeship) while you are still at school. These are called School-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SBAT).

SBATs are more than just part-time jobs – they’re a great way to set yourself up for the career you want whilst you are completing your HSC and are available to all Year 10, 11 and 12 high school students in NSW.

Combine paid work, training, and school. As well as an industry recognised national qualification you will also gain credit towards the HSC. Some apprenticeships and traineeships can contribute towards the ATAR.

More information including a list of on SBATs available to students can be found here.

Considered a career with local Government?

Consider your local Councils, visit the links below for more information.

Other pathways


Apprenticeships are a great way to combine training and employment and they can lead to a nationally recognised qualification.


Cadetships are a way in which businesses can support students studying at tertiary level to develop practical experience in their chosen field of study.

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Financial support

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