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Julie Papalia

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Business: Griffith City Council
Name: Julie Papalia
Occupation: Payroll Coordinator
Years in the Workforce: 26 Years

What do you do each day?
Process the pay run for Griffith City Council including payment of Superannuation, PAYG Tax and Payroll TAX, ensuring that this is completed in accordance with the Local Government State Award and related legislation. I have 450 employees wages to process.

What do you like most about your job?
Council’s Payroll covers a wide range of facilities and different jobs, I enjoy the challenge of ensuring that the pay run is completed to a very high standard and the sense of achievement once it is completed on time. Plus everyone is happy and nice to me because they have been paid!

What did you do to qualify?
I studied:
• Cert 3 – Accounting at TAFE, Griffith Campus
• Double Diploma in Human Resources Management and Leadership
• Management with AOT – Accredited Online Training.

What’s next in your career?
I am not sure at this stage, Council provides a lot of different opportunities so you never know what else may come up.

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